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Release Notes (v4.x)

v4.0.1 (January 31, 2023)


  • Added mesh volume gradient slider
  • Added mesh curvature safety slider
  • Improved overall error message handling and UX


  • Fixed meshing issue which corrupted air mesh during motion
  • Fixed a bug where manual sub-mesh changes were not saved in CENOS meshing
  • Fixed Kernel error that randomly appeared at RUN
  • Fixed a meshing problem where coil mesh in Templates developed weirdly at low frequencies
  • Fixed the Core: XXXXXX error in simulation terminal
  • Fixed an issue that crashed PDF and result generation if adaptive time step was used
  • Fixed an error with state files not working
  • Fixed an issue where calculation crashed if thermal analysis on the inductor were enabled
  • Fixed a bug in meshing during complex motion, which often caused thermal shock
  • Fixed an issue which crashed calculation if 0 was entered in the motion table
  • Fixed result calculation issue where, if permeability field was enabled, permeability was not calculated in flux concentrators
  • Fixed an issue with unphysical temperature distribution in symmetry cases
  • Fixed a problem with voltage input crashing electromagnetic calculation

v4.0 (December 9, 2022)


  • CENOS manual meshing
  • CAD file replacement in From CAD approach
  • Dynamic result processing during calculation
  • Motion table values


  • Improved convergence
  • Significantly improved automatic meshing capabilities in FromCAD approach
  • Improved error messaging for problems caused by convergence, meshing and material properties
  • Reworked advanced result field interface
  • Automatic volume naming based on applied geometry role in FromCAD approach
  • Improved support chat functionality


  • Fixed automatic skin layer mesh generation in FromCAD approach
  • Preview highlighting when hovering over boundary conditions list is now working
  • PDF report generation failed in some cases